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We are a student and live in real world. But We will have time for to do your request and let you know if we can or can't. you have to credit ABSOLUTELY everything that I or my worker who makes for you. *If you not know what credit mean. It's mean credit by who make in icon keyword or comment and in ur userinfo for layout or banners.* *You only get one chance, If you do not credit something you will be banned and reported for sure.* Also this is a DRAMA-FREE community. If you don't like that idea. Just leave this community. *Don't make any comments on our page.. That's just childish.*
Respect us, We make everything that what we do just for you guys. *Please comments as often as you can.* Enjoy as much as you want. *Use it well and have fun too. Thanks.*

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My name is Samantha aka Soxy and I am 18 years old. Still attend school at Maryland school for the Deaf, will gradation this May 2008. English is my second language. I enjoy making graphics in my spare time. . The programs I used are pro paint shop 8, and Animation shop 3. Also I have wonderful girlfriend named Brenda. We dated since 03.26.05...also I own this community since 05.28.06. I will post when I can... hump_monkies@gj.com-hump_monkies@ij.com-hump_monies

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My name is Erin and I am 22 years old. Residing in EC, Wisconsin. Graduted by Wisconsin school for the Deaf 2004. English is my second language. I enjoy making graphics in my spare time. I’ve been at it for 6 years. The programs I used are paintshop 7 and XI, Animation shop 3 and Photoshop 7 and Image ready. Spending time with my boyfriend Brad. Love to making Graphics, Hanging out with my friend or whoever. Watching tv show, movie and play game [wii and 360xbox]. I have Jobs by part time at Gordy's County Market become im Bagger girl. ha. Rebelglitter04@gj.com-xoadidas3@ij.com-brightstar3

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Yeah, We are same owner from
pink_ic0ns@greastjournal and pink_ic0ns@insanejournal


TEXTURES; make by 0bsessed @exoticdesign
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mytoldfairytale For the profile graphic and layout.